Maxine Monks

Maxine Monks


Leanne Hurst

Leanne helped me to understand that I actually had a very unhealthy binge issue and I had got into a habit of doing this for two days a week every single week for years .


“I’ve always loved exercise and for as long as I could remember I’ve taken part in various sports, physical challenges, Crossfit and attended the gym. I’ve always been consistent with my training usually exercising 3 to 4 days a week and often more. I love food and would say that I made healthy choices 80% of the time.  However when it came to a weekend I would eat large amounts of chocolate feeling that I had worked hard all week and deserved it.  I felt frustrated that despite my hard work I didn’t have the body I felt I deserved.


I approached Leanne and asked her to help me change my body into something I would finally love warning her that I was definitely addicted to sugar and she had her work cut out with me as I have an under active thyroid and my body was stubborn and just won’t change.  The first thing I remember her saying was “why don’t you eat chocolate during the week if you are addicted to it?”


It has been a long journey to get some real control of this habit and maintain it but I’VE DONE IT 😁.  I’ve been with Leanne 9 months and she has been the only Coach (I’ve had over 4 over the years ) who has tackled the route cause of my issues with binging and got the results I’ve dreamt of for years.


I cannot emphasise how grateful I am to finally be in control of my eating habits. If I want a chocolate I am now able to control myself and not have the whole box!


Over the last 9 months I’ve eaten more food than I ever thought possible. This has enabled me to train hard and consistently and I have become stronger and have lots of energy.  I have learnt the correct technique for various exercises which has helped me perform them effectively and help develop my new shape.


I am over the moon with our results and it has definitely been a team effort.  Leanne told me that I needed to trust her, trust the process and it will work.”