Matt Hughes

Matt Hughes


Graham Hurst

I was stuck in a rut and needed some type of challenge or goal. I had been working out with no end goal and felt aimless and was looking for a challenge that would get me back on track.

I had worked with Joe before and got great results so I thought why not try a new challenge with a different member of the TJP team.

My original goal was to lose 15-20kg across the 16 weeks programme and I did it – 16kg! When Graham said this was an achievable goal at the start I almost did not believe him. However the results I have achieved with Graham speak for themselves.

The turning point for me was when Graham reviewed my 24 hour schedule and provided suggestions on how I could get all of my work and gym commitments done in and less stressful way. This meant that waking up earlier and going to the gym before leaving for work but the results spoke for themselves. I busted through a plateau, had more energy in my workouts and had free evening where in the past I would have to fit all my exercise and workouts in just before going to bed. Once this change was made it was so easy to maintain.

My biggest challenge was probably not letting old bad habits creep back in. For example there was one week in the program where I was severely ill and bed bound. I simply overate due to boredom, which is the pattern that got me overweight in the first place.

I now know all of the coaches and I could not recommend the TJP team highly enough. Graham has been fantastic throughout – I cannot fault him. He was patient when he needed to be and encouraging when I needed his help the most. He gave me just the right amount of support and was always happy to go the extra mile. Whether that was communicating more or less depending on my circumstances. He is a fantastic coach and was a pleasure to work with someone so good and talented at their craft.

As well, even though Joe was not my personal coach this time around he maintained a genuine interest in my progress and was very encouraging and went the extra mile on the day of the shoot. Leanne is also amazing and I am so glad to see such a strong addition to the TJP team.

To anyone thinking of signing up, do it! I got results which I could not have believed at the start. Put faith in your coach and in the process and you will get the results you are looking for! They only want to help you to be the best version of yourself. I am so happy with my results and without these guys I would/could not have achieved my transformation. Extraordinary results can be achieved.