Julie Winder

Julie Winder


Leanne Hurst

“I first contacted Leanne, as I was feeling very demotivated in the gym and wanted a new programme. I had signed up to another online training programme, which was not working for me at all. I was given just one nutrition programme to follow each day, which after a few weeks was extremely boring and I did not receive any telephone contact at all, which I felt did not allow me to connect in any way with my coach.

My initial goal was just to become more toned and drop a dress size. I had only ever really dabbled with weight training, so some initial 1:1 PT sessions with Leanne to teach me how to use all the equipment correctly, was hugely beneficial for me.

I then decided to sign up to Leanne’s online coaching programme as Leanne had learnt very quickly what I needed and even after the initial few weeks, I was already starting to see a difference.

My biggest challenge was getting my nutrition on track, I have a VERY sweet tooth and the job I do is extremely sociable and means I am often eating out. The nutritional programmes which Leanne created for me, taught me how to manage this and how to eat well but also allowed me some treats along the way too. This was a huge learning curve and one which I am now very much in control of. The flexibility and variety also means I can eat well whilst away on work trips without impacting on my fitness goals.

When I first joined TJP and looked at the transformation pages, I thought I would never be one of the people featured on here. But the support, encouragement and direction Leanne has provided to me, gave me the confidence to work towards a photoshoot which I would never in a million years have imagined I would be capable of doing.

I am a total convert to weight training, which is now very much part of my life and I am in a good position to continue working towards my goals with confidence, knowledge and support when needed.

Thank you Leanne, you have been fabulous. I am excited to see where my goals will take me next…..”