Leanne Hurst


Female Fitness (Body Composition)

Leanne specialises in working with females who have some (even if limited) experience of weight training but who lack purpose, direction and accountability. Leanne’s focus is on educating her clients about nutrition so they can increase strength, have more energy and look amazing too.
Before realising her passion for fitness and making a life changing decision to join the JPhysique team, Leanne was previously a fully qualified criminal solicitor. With first-hand experience of balancing a healthy lifestyle around a demanding and hectic work life and family schedule, she can relate to the struggles that many of her clients face but thrives off knocking those barriers down and helping them achieve their goals.

Leanne’s quirks and perks:

  • Leanne has competed in X since her debut in X 2016 (World stage in LA taking 3rd place; UKDFBA UK and International Champion, 3rd Place World WNBF Figure, Caledonian Classic Figure Champion, Pure Elite Figure Champion).
  • Leanne absolutely loves food and eating. Nut butter and coffee are genuinely two things that she could not live without. She has been through an impressive eight new phone screens in the last 2 years (one through a fight with a dumbbell!) and is a Blackburn Rovers supporter. We ask you to please not judge!