Joe Parish

Online Personal Trainer, Body Composition Consultant and Founder of Team JPhysique

Joe specialises in body composition, preparing physique competitors and lifestyle transformations. Joe also has expansive experience mentoring and developing personal trainers and aspiring fitness entrepreneurs. Through his commitment to advancing his own knowledge and skillset, Joe has built his industry experience and connections and with confidence, supported so many clients to realise and achieve their goals.

Joe’s quirks and perks:

  • Joe used to be a pro footballer and super endurance national cross country runner but now he squats heavy to WWE Wrestling theme songs and invests strongly his self-development.
  • Joe loves red wine and (REALLY!) loves scented candles. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are simultaneously his biggest love and his biggest weakness.
  • Joe has competed in one powerlifting meet and five physique competitions (2x UKBFF Scottish Physique Champion) and has his sights set on number six.