Jack Wilson

Body Composition and Transformations

I’ve been coaching for around 3 years now and although I have worked with a very diverse range of clients, with a wide range of goals, I specialise in body composition and body transformations. That’s probably quite a common interest for a lot of coaches out there but I’m confident saying that my worth ethic and my mind-set, to achieve the best result possible for mainly the client than myself, is what sets me apart.

The ability to give someone the knowledge and education to allow them to transform their physique/life forever is what continues to motivate me. I love to help others do better and see them progress through life! My family is another huge motivator – I work hard for myself, yes but also for my loved ones.

To join the TJP coaching team is a huge achievement for me and something I am proud of. In my opinion, there is no other online company out there that produces the content and the results that TJP does.

Jack’s quirks and perks:

  • In my younger days, I played football and rugby at a pretty decent level.
  • I freaking LOVE a bit of cake and a cup of tea at any point of the day. Also love chocolate and ice cream. So basically anything sweet…unless it’s a major dieting phase. In fact, I just love food generally
  • I have now competed in two bodybuilding shows and soon to be three (July 14th 2018)

Aside from eating, I love nothing more than to spend time with my family and friends – whether that’s at the football, out for family birthday parties or just out for a nice meal