Graham Hurst

Overall fitness, Performance and Wellbeing

Graham specialises in both body and lifestyle transformations. Graham is committed to developing his own knowledge of fitness, health and nutrition to provide a more informed, evidence based expert service to each client.

Coming from a career in frontline service and accepting the demands and the impact that the lifestyle can have on fitness goals, Graham’s focus is to educate clients specifically from those industries on the balanced and sustainable approach and to never accept failure as an option.

Graham’s quirks and perks:

  • Graham used to play county level cricket and has also undergone strongman training. His passion for lifting supported by an equally great love for cooking but he’s a bit of a control freak and won’t let anyone get in his way. Graham prides himself in his ability to eat 12 Weetabix + 1/2 box of coco pops in one – not something we’d advise for an amateur!