Carly Malcomson

Female Fitness (Lifestyle and Body Confidence)

Carly has extensive experience working with females from diverse training and nutrition backgrounds and specialises in working with individuals and groups looking to improve their relationship with food, overall health and body composition in a fun and sustainable way.

Before her knowledge of training and nutrition was fully developed, Carly experienced first-hand many common struggles and barriers such as being overweight, feeling self-conscious, restricting food types and training. Her passion thrives off supporting her clients to diminish unhealthy habits, to be happy and to achieve their goals.

Carly’s quirks and perks:

  • Carly loves wine, prosecco, cocktails and days out with her girls…she is Scottish after all. She also loves food, loves training, loves sunshine, loves holidays, days away to St. Andrews, seafood, cakes, ice cream, Disney tunes, time with her loved ones and finds Liam Neeson bizarrely attractive.
  • Carly has competed in three physique competitions in 2016 already (UKUP winner, BNBF winner, UKBFF top 5) and is currently prepping for the British finals on the 25th Sept. Carly is also a Body Type Nutrition Academy Nutrition Coach and fully qualified (and well-practiced!) in delivering a wide range of fitness classes.