TJP Strength & Shape
Starts January 14th


Are you fed up of working hard, trying to eat properly and tired of jumping from one diet to the next without seeing any real results?

Are you often left feeling like a failure?

Are you ready to transform your body and mind?

I designed this programme for you to boost confidence as we address the barriers that have held you back from being successful until now.


Meet some of the ladies and read what they have to say:


No photoshop, no filters, just real people getting real results, working hard but in a fun way feeling empowered in seeing the results and in getting stronger.


This isn’t a 12 week “magic fix” or an aggressive “weight loss” programme.


The truth is I’ve been in your shoes, I know how it feels and how hard it is. I want nothing more than for you to succeed this time.


You will have my guidance and support to steer you away from the mistakes you keep making and to bring you closer to your #bodygoals.


I will educate you how to train effectively, teach you how you can eat to fuel your body without restricting yourself to boring, tasteless foods and unsustainable diets.


Fat loss and creating a strong and ‘sassy’ shape to your body is simply a bi-product of my 12 week programme, there’s so much more.


My goal and ambition has been and will always be to help females remove the restrictive barriers they face while trying to get in shape, to find more self-love and body confidence while having fun and feeling great.


By the end of the programme you will have the tools and education to keep pushing forward with your goals and leave as a team of stronger and more confident ladies


2 x six week training programmes to cater for and structure training days of 3 and 4 days of weight training

3 full days of nutrition plan templates with the education and methods on how to manipulate the variables for continual progression along with tasty recipes and ideas

Weekly email check ins with a personalised response via VoiceNote to keep you accountable and consistent

Exclusive access to the TJP #StrengthAndShape Private Facebook Group – including regular videos on training, recipes, live Q&A’s and personal development. Here you can also get involved with a community of likeminded ladies


*Increased knowledge and confidence of how to train effectively in the gym with weights while transforming and shaping your body.


*A better understanding of nutrition and how to eat to fuel your body, get strong and lose body fat to create a confident body and mind.


*Proof you are able to eat real foods without worrying about gaining body fat and undoing your progress.

NO foods are off limits – You will learn how to include and eat the foods you love whilst building your strength and dropping body fat.

*How to make fitness a fun and sustainable lifestyle.

The cost:


The next intake starts January 14th.

Limited spaces available.

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