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Tailored and Specialist Online Coaching for Optimal Results

We’re not your standard online personal trainers that provide fitness programmes to the masses.

We’re an expert online coaching team that has had years of combined experience in the industry.  We want to give you the motivation and strength to achieve your goals and then have the confidence to sustain your progress and development. We’re committed to providing you with accessible and tailored support not just for a one hour training session but for the 23 other hours of each and every day.

We’re also normal guys and girls too and like you, have “good” days and “bad” days. We’ve been through the fat loss struggles. We’ve experienced the nutrition fads and impact of conflicting ideas in the media. And now we’re here to make a difference and show you that you can take back control of and your goals whilst sustaining a lifestyle that’s healthy, balanced and enjoyable.

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Joe Parish
Joe Parish
Online Body Composition Coach and Founder of Team JPhysique

Interested in working with Joe? Contact him using the links below.

Carly Malcolmson
Carly Malcomson
Female Fitness (Lifestyle and Body Confidence)

Interested in working with Carly? Contact her using the links below.

Leanne Hurst
Leanne Hurst
Female Fitness (Body Composition)

Interested in working with Leanne? Contact her using the links below.

Graham Hurst
Graham Hurst
TJP Online Body Composition Coach

Interested in working with Graham? Contact him using the links below.

Jack Wilson TJP Online Body Comp coach
Jack Wilson
Body Composition and Transformations

Interested in working with Jack? Contact him using the links below.

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