Photoshoot Challenge


Have you been cheated by one of the many “fat loss” “shredding” “cutting” diet and training plans that have promised results but left you feeling deflated, socially isolated and low on energy?
Are you fed up with working hard and eating well but still feeling disappointed with what you see in the mirror?
Do you want to make a change but feel confused, overwhelmed and frustrated trying to make sense of all the conflicting information out there?
Do you find it easy to set goals and stay motivated short term but a few weeks in, your motivation fizzles, you fall off the bandwagon and end up making little to no progress?

Without something or someone to keep you accountable and with very little support, guidance and direction, you are fighting an uphill battle. And although you may not believe it you are not alone in your struggles but you are capable of making a change.


At TJP, we’re a passionate team of body composition experts with experience helping hundreds of people transform their bodies and their lifestyles. We have also consistently supported our clients to challenge and knock down the exact same barriers that you are currently up against.


And this is exactly why we’ve created our exclusive TJP 16-week photoshoot challenge.


Some of you might be thinking about how daunting a process it would be to step in front of a camera but don’t let that put you off. The entire package has been designed specifically for people like you who are committed to achieve life changing and extraordinary results but in a balanced and sustainable way.


Nothing worth having ever comes easy so push yourself right out of your comfort zone and let us help you transform your body into one that you are confident and incredibly proud of.

Billy Mitchell

Billy's Transformation

“Growing up I was always overweight and it was something that I was picked on and bullied for a lot. I’ve always been known as the lad with boobs, I’ve always been called fat and that’s how I’ve always identified myself as.

I’ve tried over and over to get into shape and would follow plans for 4 weeks until I fell off track and went back to my bad eating habits and that’s when at the start of the year I knew it was time to make a change.

We decided that a photoshoot would be suitable, I would be stepping out of my comfort zone and stand in front of a camera doing something I never thought I’d ever be able to do.

Stepping out of my comfort zone and making it happen has been one of the best things I’ve ever done.”

Danielle Mcintyre

Danielle M Transformation

“My journey started back in October when I was feeling a bit low and had made the mistake of letting the way other people made me feel bring me down.  I decided at that point i had to do something for me and only me.  This is where Joe came in.  I sent him a message and explained how i was feeling, using the gym 4 times a week and really not seeing any changes, i wanted a challenge, i wanted to see results and feel better about myself.  From the first phone call I knew I had made the right decision.

The results are easy to see from the photos. The more significant things in my life that have changed that you don’t get from the photos are my increased levels of confidence, my improved moods & my overall general happiness.

I feel great about myself now and I am so focused on where I want to go now. I’ve completely eliminated all of those things that used to make me feel bad about myself.”

Kirsty Matthews

Kirsty Matthews Transformation

“At the age of 31 and after 2 kids & 2 C sections and my ongoing battle with my relationship with food & how I looked in the mirror I knew it was finally time to make a change.

I never got to the place I wanted to be, never looked the way I wanted to look . Hell I even went and done my HND in fitness health and exercise and still I did not look the way I wanted!!

I decided to take action , it was either that or give up completely as I was at my wits end!!

Now I can finally say I am happy with the way I look. I no longer have to change outfits 5/6 times before I can step out the door. I enjoy family time so much more as mummy doesn’t have to freak out about menus before she goes out . Even my kids noticed that mummy’s eats cake now. Not only has this journey changed my life its changed my family’s life too.”

Kirsty Smith

Kirsty Smith Transformation

“I wanted to change my body, I’ve always done cardio I’d never been into the free weights section of the gym because I have always been to embarrassed & I was never 100% happy with my body and the way that I looked.

It’s amazing what I’ve been able to achieve with the right guidance in such a short period of time and how my body has changed with the change from cardio to weights.

I’m finally a lot more confident with the way that I look and feel (of course you still have your moments) but I’m finally happy.

When I first signed up all I wanted to do was increase my confidence, never in a million years did I ever think I’d have the confidence to stand in front of the camera.

I’d recommend anyone to do it, its changed my life.”

Janine Bingham

Janine Bingham Transformation

“I’ve learnt so much throughout the process. At the beginning Leanne always told me to trust the process and in offset I’ll be honest I wasn’t sure if it was going to work and then two weeks before my shoot I started to see all of the hard work taking shape and was able to achieve a shape I never thought was possible, especially seeing my abs at 44!”

Gavin Smith

Gavin's Transformation

“Planning a photoshoot was the icing on the cake. Having something like that to aim for meant I couldn’t afford any slipups as I didn’t want to embarrass myself. Even in those last few weeks before when I was starting to have doubts, Joe would make sure that it was normal and I was on course to where I wanted to be.

I’m looking forward to continuing working with Joe. It’s helped prove that I can push myself beyond by comfort zone and has helped improve my confidence. The goalposts have shifted for me now and I’m looking to he even better in the next year. I definitely wouldn’t have thought a year ago that the guy in the pictures would have been me. The best thing is that it wasn’t achieved by eating boring foods. I was able to have foods that I loved throughout the whole journey. It was just about controlling my intake which led to the end product.”

So, what’s included?

Weekly check-ins via Skype/phone to ensure accountability, monitor progress and to answer any questions or queries you may have.

Access to 24/7 support guidance through the Team JPhysique coaches and our thriving online community.

Access to our online library of training resources and exercise tutorials.

10 professionally edited photos from the shoot (more can be purchased upon request).

16 weeks of online coaching with one of the specialist Team JPhysique coaches.

Fully rotational and training programs tailored specifically for you based on your experience, equipment availability, strengths and perceived weaknesses.

Comprehensive flexible and enjoyable food plans that align with your likes, dislikes and lifestyle.

The Team JPhysique coaches will be there to support you every step of the way and will also be there on photoshoot day to make the day as enjoyable and relaxed as possible.

Cat Laird

Cat Laird Transformation

“I never thought I’d ever take part in a photoshoot, the thought of standing in front of a camera absolutely petrified me so to actually be here today and achieve that goal has been absolutely fantastic.

The biggest breakthrough moment for me alongside doing the photoshoot is being confident enough to go into the gym by myself and use the free weight section without Carly by my side and feel really comfortable with what I was doing.”

Lesley Dickson

Lesley Dickson Transformation

“I originally signed up as I wanted to have more focus on my own training and more structure as I felt as though I’d hit a plateau by myself. I wanted to look like these amazing girls on Instagram with great bodies and shredded 6 packs.

The thing that I’ve realised and learnt throughout this process is I’m ME and my body shape is completely different to a lot of other peoples and when I started to focus on my own body and what I can do it took so much pressure off myself and not conforming to the images I’ve seen on social media that didn’t make me feel great about myself.”

Lauren Hunter

Lauren Hunter Transformation

“I’ve been able to change my mindset and relationship with “good” and “bad” foods. Before I had foods that I was allowed to eat and foods that I wasn’t which meant I was only able to stick to a plan for so long before I would then binge out and then try to get back on the bandwagon. I’ve learnt how to become flexible with my food and adopt a better mindset with my food.

Ive also learn’t to be kinder to myself, if I do have a day off plan there’s no point beating myself up about it. I’ve be able to accept that were human and these things will happen, instead of being hard on yourself and letting that impact the rest of your day or week.”

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