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How to achieve your BEST EVER body transformation in 2020

Written by Joe Parish

Over the past 5-6 years, I’ve had the fantastic opportunity to coach over 400+ people on a 1-1 online basis. This has allowed me to experience and see first-hand the ups, the downs and the typical trends and patterns clients will commonly go through when embarking on their transformation journey.

We see so many photos of phenomenal ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos plastered on social media but what we often don’t get to see are the challenges, setbacks and the emotional cycles that most will endure when working toward a set goal.

Which is the reason why I thought it was important to talk about why most body transformations fail and how you can bulletproof your success in 2020.

I’m sure you can relate and agree that accomplishing anything worthwhile in life isn’t easy. Yet the reality in society nowadays is that we are marketed to in a way which leads us to believe we can attain phenomenal results in the shortest time frame possible, all whilst still feeling incredible and positive throughout the process.

The fact of the matter is that with every positive, there’s a negative. With every success, there’s a failure. With every upside, there’s always going to be a downside.

Are the clients that get the RESULTS only the ones with the best genetics or have the best circumstances?

No of course not - they are the ones who have the ability, clarity and confidence to control their emotions and see past the negatives and downsides that will occur at some point throughout their journey.

The Emotional Cycle Of Change

I’m going to walk and talk you through the emotional cycle of change paradigm, which I first read about a couple of years ago. This is what gave me that “aha” moment as I gained so much more clarity and comfort recognising that emotional cycle of change I was experiencing at different parts of my transformation journey, was completely normal.

Over the past couple of months, I’ve presented this slide to both coaches and clients at seminars who were also able to relate to this journey. This is why I felt it’d be well worthwhile and hugely beneficial for you to hear about.

The great thing for me here is once I’ve rationalised and contextualised the undulating emotions you will experience, you’ll be able to push past the point of failure and through to your greatest body transformation yet!

Stage 1: Uninformed Optimism (aka can’t wait to get started phase)

You sign up to a new programme, start at a new gym or you have a summer holiday booked. You set out your new goals and you have a real sense of motivation, determination and excitement of how amazing and successful it’s going to be.

At this moment in time you don’t see any of the downsides, all of the negatives that you’ve experienced previously are now just a distant memory and you are almost oblivious to the work that’s going to require as this time “it’s going to be different” and you’re ready to take on anything that comes your way.

Can you relate? Think back to a time you embarked on a new journey, started a new fat loss journey or training programme - how did you feel?

Now, how long did it last? Were you successful?

This uninformed optimism part as I’m sure you’ll know however doesn’t last long. It may last a few days, or even a couple of weeks but this is why marketing based on your emotions works so well.

Stage 2: Informed Pessimism (the reality)

This is the stage where you realise it’s not as easy as you thought. The work that’s involved is far greater than you had initially believed and there’s nothing special or magical about the plan you’ve got. You’ve still got to put in the work, remain consistent and be disciplined.

Simple? Yes. Easy? Sadly not.

You realise it’s going to require a lot of effort and discipline. You’ll have to do the work behind closed doors nobody else sees. You will have to continually turn up every single day, 24 hours of the day, track your food, hit your steps, get your sleep and push yourself hard in the gym and make some sacrifices.

This is the stage where you start to question what you’re doing and start to become frustrated by the lack of progress you’re making. Where you realise the sheer volume of work you’ve got to put in that nobody else sees. Where you need to accept that others may have seen some results already at this stage and you’re not there yet. You thought you’d be further ahead by now.

Stage 3: Valley of Despair (this is the bit you usually quit and repeat stages 1 and 2)

valley of despair

“I have a tent constantly pitched right at the bottom in the valley of despair” < My favourite response from presenting this two weeks ago to another coach.

This is where most people give up as they feel like they are seeing results as quickly as they’d like to.
It’s usually uncomfortable and the quickest and easiest way to end the discomfort is to quit, go back to what you were doing previously or to start something new, right?

Side Note: This isn’t necessarily a bad strategy if it’s genuinely not working e.g. if you’ve started on a transformation or fat loss programme that is cookie-cutter, generic, doesn’t suit you or your lifestyle and has been far too aggressive at this moment in time. The WORST thing is when people go back to doing exactly what they’ve always done expecting a different result or aren’t willing to change their thought process, that’s when quitting and repeating is POINTLESS.

Grant Cardone summed this up perfectly in his book sell or be sold - “Nobody likes making a mistake or the thought of failure so people will actively stop doing the work required to avoid that feeling at all costs to protect themselves.

I’ve probably butchered the phrase he used but you get my drift!

This is the part when you have to know your WHY and have a clear understanding of what it is you are working towards, the steps you need to take and you need to have STRONG habits embedded. This is the period of time that guidance, accountability and support is essential.

Think about that last time when inevitably you entered a negative mind-set, you didn’t see the point anymore, you couldn’t see the results for the work you’d been putting in and now you’ve got those little seeds of self-doubt set in.

The big thing here to remember here is at points it will SUCK, you won’t now see any of the upsides and only see the downside. This is where most people think what’s the point and give up. After all, it’s far easier to go back to what they were doing and convince themselves it’s okay, instead of pushing through and still doing the work required.

This is the part where you need the support, the clear pathway and having somebody in your corner telling you to keep COMMITTING, you are doing all of the right things and you are on the right path. You just need to hang on in there.

Stage 4: Informed Optimism (there IS light at the end of the tunnel)

There are positive signs. You do start to see some positive changes and results. Body parts are changing, you’re starting to receive a few compliments and numbers in the gym are going up. You’re also feeling tighter through your midsection and those daily habits (step count, food prep and tracking calories) are finally starting to become much easier.

Don’t get me wrong, in this phase you still need to keep working hard, showing up and ticking those boxes. However your outlook is far more positive and you’re seeing breakthroughs, which pushes you on even more. It also allows you to appreciate how rewarding it feels to be on a path that is now committed to change and you have a greater sense of confidence that you’ll achieve results you never imagined possible.

Stage 5: Success and Fulfilment

You reach your initial landmark goal.

You feel epic.

Your body composition has literally transformed and not only that but your mindset, outlook and lifestyle have also completely changed. The cost of change and hanging in there even when it wasn’t paying off was worth the reward.

You’re now no longer in this sense of PAIN (which is why you initially started) but now you want to continue on this journey because of PLEASURE. You want to see how far you take this, how much more you can accomplish and what’s next.

But guess what?

The goalposts have now probably moved and you’re onto the next challenge.

You want to be bigger, better, stronger, leaner and more conditioned.

Cue Stage 1 again.

The big thing to remember is your journey will never end but if you are clear on the steps you need to take, the direction you are heading in and continue to stay committed you will continue to grow and progress.

The next time you embark on your transformation journey and when things start to get tough, appreciate and remember that as long as everything is set up and in alignment to you, your goals and your lifestyle, it will get easier and when you go all in and commit to change you will succeed.

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