12 Week Transformation


Turn heads and ooze confidence with the only 12-week online transformation programme out there that will give you the tools, knowledge and confidence to achieve results you never thought possible.

Feel like you’re stuck in a rut and things are never going to change?

Lacking confidence and motivation?

Know where you want to be but you haven’t the first idea how to get there?


We hear you and we’ve been there.

Yes, really.

And the chances are 9/10 people have too.

Yet we’ve taken our struggles and our pains and learned from them.

We’ve also invested a huge amount of time studying, implementing and developing our craft so that we are confident in our ability to help hundreds of our clients maximise their RESULTS in the most time efficient time frame possible.

With so many different philosophies, approaches and the overwhelming amount of information on the ‘best way’ to drop body fat and build muscle, it’s no wonder you end up confused and frustrated.


It’s not surprising that with this incredibly frustrating and damaging volume of misinformation, the outcome of your hard work and seemingly endless sacrifice is just you giving up and going back to square one.


Or perhaps you have gone all in and made some fantastic changes in a short period of time but you haven’t been able to sustain it?


Again, right here with you!


The reason being that many people (and coaches) fail to programme in the ESSENTIAL ‘after’ phase. Sure the #transformationtuesday might look great but the inevitable consequence that comes ‘after the after’ is that those same people that look incredible, end up in a far worse place than when they started! Why? Quite simple really. Their results were achieved all because they follow a strict plan. Not because they learned about training, nutrition and how to incorporate healthy and sustainable habits into their lifestyles.


So not only is it an information problem but it’s an IMPLEMENTATION problem.


Which is where we come in.

Over the years we’ve been able to build a portfolio of 100’s of different client case studies, results and experiences that have allowed us to see first-hand the barriers, struggles and the level of quality coaching required to provide you with the step by step journey you need in order to attain a level of results that you never thought would ever be possible.

Achieving your greatest body transformation is never going to be through a ‘one size fits’ all method or cookie cutter approach. Instead, a formula exclusive to you is created with your starting point, mindset, goals and lifestyle in mind. This, of course, means you get the results you want but that you can also live your best life, skyrocket your confidence and feel amazing after the 12 weeks are over.


By working alongside one of the TJP coaches, on a 1-1 basis, we ensure that this investment pays off.


You will no longer need to struggle and repeat the endless cycle of dieting ever again because you will have the tools, knowledge and confidence to move forward on your own.


Whilst our coaching service also caters for longer term programming, within the 12 weeks we will get you to a place whereby you no longer need us. Of course if do want to continue on, we’ll be right there but let us assure you that this will be your choice and not because you’re without options!


You know you need to change. Remember, we’ve all been there in that exact same position as you are right now and know how uncomfortable it can be.


So if you’re ready to commit to change and achieve results that you never thought would be possible for you, then this 12-week programme is for you.

When we started on our own transformations, we learned that without something or someone to keep us accountable and with very little support, guidance and direction, we were fighting an uphill battle.
Although you may not believe it, you really aren’t alone in your struggles but you ARE capable of making a change. Just have a read of our testimonials.

Enter #LeanWithALife

The 12 Week Online Transformation Programme

This entire coaching experience has been designed specifically for people like you who are committed to achieving life changing, extraordinary results.

So, if you’re ready to:

Go all in, make yourself accountable and FINALLY achieve a body transformation result that you never thought would ever be possible for you…

Eat foods that you enjoy and learn how you can maximise and operate to your greatest potential….

Gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to be able to take full control and get into the best shape of your life without compromising your social life….

Beat through the BS and never need to invest another penny into coaching again…

Then this programme is for you!

But, if you are:

Not prepared to put in the work…

Expect to get results just because you’ve thrown some money at a programme and deserve results …

Looking for a quick fix and not willing to commit to change…

Then, we’re afraid this isn’t for you.


Essentially, if you’re committed, driven and want to make a transformation that will turn heads, then you’re a perfect fit.

But if you’re lazy, like to make excuses and aren’t willing to try something new, then stop reading now.

We will push you right out of your comfort zone and enable you to transform your body and your lifestyle into one that you are confident and incredibly proud of.

Remember, nothing worth having ever comes easy.

Yet his is your opportunity and your chance to unlock your full potential and finally learn how you can completely transform and take full control of your body, lifestyle and mindset.

Our clients who have achieved the best results are the ones who have implicitly trusted the process, gone all in and have committed to change.

Are you going to be next?


What’s Included:

Continual Support and Guidance

Our 12 week coaching programme includes weekly checkins via phone, video or watsapp. Accountability is essential and your weekly feedback and checkins will be a valuable piece of the puzzle.

Fully Rotational, Flexible and Tailored Training Programmes

Following a comprehensive postural assessment, you will receive your specific training programme based on your experience, equipment availability, strengths and perceived weaknesses, it will be tailored exclusively to you and your goals.

Flexible and Enjoyable Food Plans that align with your Likes, Dislikes and Lifestyle

Our packages are designed to enhance your lifestyle not unnecessarily restrict you from all the food and social occasions you love. Our nutritional guidance and meal plans will give you the knowledge and ability to reverse engineer your diet around you.

Feedback on Technique and Performance

Your coach will provide you with weekly feedback on your technique and performance in the gym to enable you to master form and execution, which in turn will ensure you are maximising all opportunities to attain the optimal results.

Free Access to the TJP Client Hub

Each package includes FREE access to the TJP Client Hub – over 250 exercise tutorials; specialist blog posts; macro-friendly recipes and much more.

Free Registration to TJP Coaching Workshops (RRP £250)

Build your confidence and knowledge; catch up with other TJP clients and attaining some key tips and pointers that you can use to further your progression. Our packages include free registration to our TJP Coaching Workshops held every 16 weeks.

Here at TJP, we pride ourselves on ONE thing above all else that allows us to stand out above the rest – our continual pursuit to improve the service we provide and skills we offer. Unlike other online coaching companies out there, TJP isn’t just about a text or an email with a programme every week, nor is about sending out some cookie cutter generic plan.

Our premium coaching service ensures we break down communication barriers and provide you with the best online service that has an intimate, offline 1-1 feel. No stones are left unturned.

Everything we provide, from programming to communication, videos to coaching workshops are constantly reviewed, evaluated and improved to ensure we are at the forefront of delivering you with the level of support you need in order to be the greatest version of you.

We know that you’ve been trying far longer than 12 weeks to get to where you want to be. In most cases, it’s years rather than weeks.

That’s why #LeanWithALife isn’t just about the 12 weeks. This is the stepping stone and platform to the rest of your life. And whilst the focus is of course on getting you the best results possible within 12 weeks, there will also be a huge proponent on the ‘after the after’ phase to ensure you don’t finish the 12 weeks and end up back at square one.

We want you continue to push on and progress with conviction and confidence.

So, whether you’re just looking to drop a few lbs, feel more confident and look better naked (let’s face it, we all are) or you are looking to take your physique/figure to the next level, this programme caters for both.

#LeanWithALife is based upon you and the results you want to accomplish and we will do everything we can to take you through every step of the journey.

Lastly, we are coaches, not salespeople. This isn’t a preach but an open invite for you to join our programme.

So if you’re seriously ready and committed to getting #Leanwithalife and finally achieving a mind-blowing results, then simply fill out the application box below and take the first steps just like all of our other huge success stories have.

Need more convincing, check out our transformations here.

But remember, if nothing changes, nothing changes.

What have you got to lose?

#LeanWithALife 12 Week Transformation Programme Price:


or two split payments of £224.50

Once you’ve completed an application form, one of the TJP coaches will be in touch to take you through the next step of your #LeanwithaLife journey.


  1. How long will it take to get set up on the programme?

    After completing the application form, one of the TJP coaches will be in touch within 24 hours to go through an initial consultation. From this point onwards, programming will then be set up and ready to go within 5-7 days.

  2. When does the programme start?

    The programme runs continually throughout the course of the year. You won’t need to wait for a specific date or time of the year. Complete the application form and one of the TJP coaches will be in touch.

  3. Can I still eat out on the weekends?

    Yes, programming will be set up and reverse engineered around you to ensure everything we have in place is in alignment with you, your lifestyle and your goals.

  4. Are there any other payment options?

    The programme can either be paid in full or across two split payments.