Signature transformation programme reveals...
how to create your ultimate body transformation
even if you've tried and failed in the past

If you're reading this right now, you've probably either stumbled across this page by accident, or you're probably frustrated at your lack of results and looking for answers.

You probably know know what you want to achieve, but have struggled to get there and found yourself spinning your wheels and getting nowhere fast.

Being stuck in a rut, sucks.

And we know this, because we have all been there.

When you crave the confidence you once had but just can't find motivation.

That gut wrenching feeling when despite all your efforts, slogging away in the gym and giving up all the foods you enjoy and love, you just never seem to change.

And even if you do manage to make some fantastic changes in a short period of time, you struggle to maintain it and end up right back at square one, or worse.

But you're here and reading this, which is a very smart move.

We are Scotlands number 1 online coaching team that helps people achieve body transformations that they previously could only have dreamed of.

You see, the reason many people (and coaches) fail to keep their results is because they fail programme in the essential ‘after’ phase.

Sure the #TransformationTuesday might look great but the inevitable consequence that comes ‘after the after’ is that those same people that who once looked incredible, end up in a far worse place than when they started!

Which is not cool.

So why does this happen?

Well, it's quite simple really.

Their results were achieved all because they followed a strict plan.

Not because they learned about training, nutrition and how to incorporate healthy and sustainable habits into their lifestyles.

This is why we created our specialised online coaching programme.

THE Signature
 body transformation programme
head-turning, life changing results


Go all in, make yourself accountable and FINALLY achieve a body transformation result that you never thought would ever be possible

Want to eat foods that you enjoy and learn how you can maximise and operate to your greatest potential

Are excited to gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to be able to take full control and get into the best shape of your life without compromising your social life

Want to through the BS and never need to invest another penny into coaching again


Make excuses or who don't want to put in the work.

Expect to get results just because you’ve thrown some money at a programme and deserve results

Are looking for a quick fix and not willing to commit to change

Are not willing to take responsibility for their habits and behaviours

This entire coaching experience has been designed specifically for people like you who are committed to achieving life-changing, extraordinary results.


premium online coaching
THAT will take your physique to the NEXT LEVEL 
lean with a life

Continual Support and Guidance

Our 12-week transformation includes weekly checkins via phone, video or WhatsApp keeping you accountable and on-track for the entire 12-weeks. We know that accountability is essential and alongside your weekly feedback this will be a valuable piece of the puzzle*.

fully tailored training programmes

Our 12-week transformation package also comes with our fully tailored and rotational training programmes so that you will be safe in the knowledge that you are constantly moving towards your own personal goal.  Our exercise video library will guide you through each exercise, no matter your level of experience.

Flexible and enjoyable meal plans

All of our packages are designed to enhance your lifestyle not unnecessarily restrict you from all the food and social occasions you love. Our nutritional guidance and meal plans will give you the knowledge and ability to reverse engineer your diet around you*

feedback on technique and performance

Your coach will provide you with weekly feedback on your technique and performance in the gym to enable you to master form and execution, which in turn will ensure you are maximising all opportunities to attain the optimal results*

Access to the client hub

Your programme​​ includes FREE access to the TJP Client Hub – over 250 exercise tutorials, specialist blog posts, 100+ macro-friendly recipes and much more.  Making your 12-weeks tastier and more enjoyable than ever before.

So essentially, if you want to learn:

How to train effectively and efficiently in the gym without wasting hours on the treadmill?

How to eat the foods you enjoy, eat out at the weekend and even drink alcohol?

How to avoid your previous pitfalls and traps?

And more importantly:

How to achieve head-turning results and keep them for life? 

Then our transformation programme IS FOR YOU.

Why did we create it?

Because we have helped hundreds of clients who had at one time given up on their dreams of ridding the dad-bod, having the confidence to take their shirts off on holiday, wearing a bikini at the pool or simply feeling amazing on their wedding day.

Some who haven’t got any family photos for the last 5 years because they hated the way they look.

Which really tore at our heart-strings.

And this is why we knew we had to do something about it.
We needed to create a platform where we could help hundreds more people to achieve jaw-dropping transformations in a sustainable fashion.

But one where you didn’t end up back at square one within just a few weeks of the programme ending.

And this is why we bring to you our 12-week transformation programme.

unlock your potential and transform your physique, lifestyle and mindset

Feel cheated by fad diets and unsustainable programmes?

Made to feel as though daily restriction and unnecessary sacrifice is the only way?

Low on confidence?

Have an unhealthy relationships with food?

Unable to tackle barriers in the way of success?

And just generally unhappy?

We want to help you realise and ACHIEVE your POTENTIAL your GOALS and to be the BEST version of yourself

but you're probably thinking...

is online coaching too advanced for me?

Each and every training programme will be tailored to you, factoring your experience in and around the gym.  We cater from gym novices right up to competitive athletes and ensure that you are 100% confident with the programme before even stepping foot inside the gym.

what if i don't have much spare time to exercise?

As long as you can commit at least 3 hours a week to exercise, then our coaches will be able to programme you an effective programme to follow for the entire programme.

when will the programme start?

Unless otherwise stated, the programme runs continually throughout the course of the year. You won’t need to wait for a specific date or time of the year. Sign-up, complete the application form and one of the TJP coaches will be in touch.

Can I still eat out at the weekend?

Yes, programming will be set up and reverse engineered around you to ensure everything we have in place is in alignment with you, your lifestyle and your goals.  Even if you have a holiday planned, a party or a wedding, you will still get head-turning results.

a few of our transformations

our signature training system creates head-turning results like no other

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what do our clients say?

"My confidence has improved greatly"

I know that I can push myself beyond by comfort zone. The goalposts have shifted and I’m going to be even better in the next year.

Gavin Smith

"I’ve learnt how to become more flexible with my diet and have a far better mindset and relationship with food"

Before I joined TJP I categorised foods as ‘good’ and ‘bad’ – those that I was allowed to eat and those that I wasn’t.  This level of restriction meant that I’d only stick to my rules for so long before I fell off the bandwagon and I’d binge.

Lauren Hunter




Kick-start your transformation journey with group-based support

  • Fully Tailored Training Programmes
  • Nutritional Guidance and Recipes
  • Private Support Group
  • Monthly Check-In and Feedback
  • Access to the TJP Client Hub (Exercise Tutorial & Recipes)

1-2-1 Specialised Programme


Our premium online coaching service where no stone is left unturned

  • Fully Tailored Training Programmes
  • Nutritional Guidance and Recipes
  • Fully Tailored and Goal-Specific Meal Plans/Macros
  • Dedicated Coach
  • Weekly Check-in and Feedback
  • WhatsApp Support
  • Access to the TJP Client Hub (Exercise Tutorial & Recipes)
  • Discounted access to the TJP Workshops (Usually £250)
  • "Log It Or Lose It" Gym Diary

And if you're a bit like most people and just skipped all of that to ty and get to the juicy bit, , here's what you get:

start your body transformation journey today

with scotlands number 1 online body transformation consultancy

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